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Natural Shape

The Hourglass shape is a naturally curvaceous figure with medium to wide shoulders, fuller bust, defined short waist and curvy hips. The Hourglass has even proportions on top and bottom half. Plus sized models usually adhere to this shape. 


The aim is to take on board this proportioned body shape and to show case this figure to its best advantage. Enable this shape to flaunt their curves. 


1 Don't go for flared styles that add unnecessary shape to this silhouette.
2 Don't choose tight, wide-cut pants, which can make the bottom look wider.
3 Don't include pleats around the hips and tummy; they add bulk.
4 Don't look at high waisted styles, they shorten the area between a fuller bust and waist-line.
5 Don't aim for traditional style jeans as they don’t always work especially with a fuller leg.
6 Don't choose loose flowing fabrics that will swamp a curvy figure.
7 Don't go for boxy styles that hide curves. 

                                       Examples of clothing style that a hourglass should avoid.

Apple Shape 

Natural Shape
The apple body shape usually has small shoulders, big breasts and a large tummy area with no waist and slim legs.

The apple is one of the more challenging body types to dress, but also one of the easiest when you’re camouflaging trouble spots. Blessed with slim arms and legs, which can be used to distinct advantage, the upper body is larger than the lower half and the aim is to bring them into proportion. 


• Don't wear skinny trousers or jeans that make legs look even shorter.
• Don't opt for pencil skirts with a fitted top that will create a top heavy look highlighting narrow legs making the bust look even bigger.
• Don't choose halter neck lines and puffy sleeves as they will make the upper body appear wider.
• Don't pick out skin tight dresses and clingy fabrics that will place emphasis on the tummy area.
• Don't go for darker jeans and trousers as these make your hips appear even slimmer resulting in an even wider top half.
• Don't introduce pleats around the tummy area which will add inches and unwanted attention. 

                                      Examples of clothing style that an Apple should avoid.

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