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Fair Isle
A knitting technique for sweaters used to create patterns and traditional motifs with multiple colors. Named after a tiny island in Scotland.

A delicate kind of jewellery metalwork, usually of gold and silver, made with tiny beads or twisted threads, or both in combination, soldered together or to the surface of an object of the same metal and arranged in artistic motifs. It is popular in Indian and French jewellery making industries.

Fanny Pack
A small pouch usually made of leather or fabric and secured with a zipper closure which is worn by the use of straps around the hips or waist. It is also known as buffalo pouch.
Tory Burch Fanny Pack

Fedora is a type of felt hat with a wide brim and an indented crown.


A headpiece, usually formal but can be decorative and extravagant as well, worn as an alternative to hats by the ladies.


Boarder or garment made of hanging threads.

Bottega Venetta

French Twist


Flip Flop

Faux Leather

Faux leather refers to materials that look and feel like leather but are actually synthetic. Faux leather materials include vinyl and PVC.

Alexander McQueen Resort 2015



 Flap Bag:

A purse that features a folding flap closure.

Channel Classic Flap Bag

French Cuff

French, or double, cuffs, are twice as long and worn folded back on themselves.

Funnel Neck

It is also called build up neckline. High Neckline cut in one with garment by slanting or curving shoulder seams upwards towards the neck.


Wide vertical pleat formed by a fold over the top of the armhole seam extending to waist or hem.

Eli Saab Couture F/W 15

Fanny Sweater

A long sweater that covers the buttocks or "fanny".
Fanny Sweater Guess

Float Dress

Is a straight dress with no waistline seam , fulness controlled from pleats or gather at shoulder or yoke.

Fly Away Jacket

Also know as trapeze. The back side of the jacket has exaggerate flare and fullness.

Frame Bag

Its a bag where a metal frame holds the textile or leather of the bag.

Fichu Collar

A large neckerchief folded into a triangular shape and worn with the point in the back and front corners tied over the breast.


Shoes,boots,sandals whose thick raised platforms soles are level and solid versus being at an angle or heel.

Fleur De Lis

Its the royal emblem of France. An iris flower which is used commonly in Fashion and Design to make motifs.

Flocked Pile

Raised print which produces a decorative textured print along its contrasting fabrics.

Flutter Sleeves

Tapered short sleeves which falls loosely over the upper arm in a billowing fashion.
Kendall and Kylie Dress


Ornamental cords or chain worn over shoulder inspired by military in blazer or dress.


French word meaning crushed,crinkled, wrinkled in manner.

Fruit Salad

A cocktail of mixed prints that are big and bold.


Strip of decorative, usually gathered or pleated, material attached by one edge.

Foil print

Process in which metallic foil pattern are transferred to a fabric using a hot steel roller or stamped on the fabric using foil paper.
Joy and Mario Celebrity Flat Women Foil Print Fashion Canvas 

Fluted Hem

A hem with fabric that alternates outward and inward.


It is a style of headband which enclircles the wearer forehead usually with a small jewel suspended at the center.
Manish Arora

Falling Band

Full Skirt

Skirt cut of straight piece of fabric gathered at the waistline. Also known as dirndl, gathered or bouffant. A full variation supported with crinoline or circular wire is called a hoop skirt.

French Sleeves

Florentine Neckline

Low but wide angular or square neckline.

Funnel Collar

Wide band collar variation which stands away from the face.Generally has a front opening.

Ful Vue

Fuji Silk

Lightweight plain weaved silk used in blouses.

Fit and Flare

A dress or skirt with fitted waist and a wide fuller skirt.


A fusion of "Fucking" and "Ugly"

Fashion 2.0

Fashion of the digital age. Live streaming technique that brings designers shows to the buyers and shoppers in real time.
Burberry streaming its fashion show live is so "Fashion 2.0"


Its a hybrid of the word front  and row.

Fast Fashion

Catwalk inspired clothing produced by the high street brands such as ZARA, TopShop,H&M at low cost.

Fashion Tribe

A collection of people identifiable belonging to a certain group by the way they dress.Eg hipster, goth.


Meaning combination of fierce and ferocious. Popularized by project Runway's Christian Siriano.

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