Monday, July 15, 2013

How to?


How to look slim by showing off your best assets and disguise the one's you don't like.

There are Do's (what to wear according to your body shape) everywhere over the internet but I hardly find any "Dont's ". So today I will be sharing all the "Dont's" or rather What Not To Wear.

There are 5 Body Shapes.

Slim/ Slender/ Athletic/ Banana.

Natural shape
The Slender/Athletic shape is slim with small breasts and hips or athletic with a defined, toned body and narrow hips. Even if the shape is slightly muscular, you can create the illusion of curves wherever you’d like. Slender and Athletic shapes have square silhouettes, no matter what their height, and will have a lower ratio of fat to muscle than body types like hourglass or pear. Most clothes look good on slim or athletic body shapes and for that reason most fashion models usually fall into this category. 

The aim is to add some curve and feminine softness to this naturally angular shape. 

Avoid :

1. ‘V’ or deep scoop necklines in tops, tees and jumpers that will highlight a small bust.
2. Baggy tops (unless wearing with a belt or other detailing) — it may seem like the easiest solution but it will make slender types look shapeless.
3. Clingy tops as they will highlight the lack of waist. 
4. Vertical stripes as they hide curves. 

                                                Examples of clothing style to avoid for slim/ athletic shape.

Top Heavy:

Natural Shape
The Top Heavy shape has a large bust with a defined waist and small hips. Gently rounded shoulders align with the hips. The bottom is slightly rounded to create a great front and side profile.
The aim is to choose garments that are fitted but not tight. Choose items that flatter, slim and define shape. Aim to bring attention to the bottom half of the body to create balanced proportions. 


1 Don't select tops or shirts that are too tight around the bust line. They will add inches. Priorities with great fit around the bust line and arrange alteration around arm holes, across the back and lower body.
2 Don't choose crew necklines which make the bust look larger.
3 Don't opt for spaghetti style straps that make the bust and shoulders look larger.
4 Don't include ruffles, detailed necklines, embellishment, lurex tops or high necklines.
5 Don't choose smock style blouses that make you look large in places you’re client is not.
6 Don't pick out boxy style jackets that hide large busts but add inches everywhere else.
7 Don't select high waists that draw the eye straight to the bust line.
8 Don't suggest skinny jeans or trousers that will make the bust look larger.
9 Don't pick out accessories that are too delicate that will only highlight how large the bust is. Keep accessories in proportion and avoid long necklaces and pendants that lie over the bust.
10 Don't choose small necklaces and pendants as they just don’t have the power to visually diminish your bust size. 
                                   Examples of clothing style that a Top Heavy should avoid.

Pear Shape:

Natural Shape
The pear is defined by a small bust, curvy hips and is usually bottom heavy. Embrace the opportunity to emphasize a slim neck, shapely shoulders and defined waist. You can easily work with a heavier bottom half to get an all-over balanced outfit for work or play that is more balanced and more comfortable too.

The aim is to create the illusion of a well-balanced figure/shape. Through the use of expert styling skills you will slim down the hip and bottom area and bring attention to the top half of the body, away from problem areas. 


• Shift or shirt styles in tops and dresses that are straight cut and cling to the figure pulling at the buttons and fighting against curves.
• Empire line tops and dresses that hide the waistline of the pear shape.
• Tops that have narrow ‘v’ necklines, dolman sleeves, raglan sleeves and heavily gathered necklines, all which can reduce the width of the shoulder making the hips look bigger.
• Jackets that finish at the hip line increasing the width.
• Clingy skirts that highlight the hip and bottom area.
• Tapered trousers that highlight the hip and bottom area.
• Side pockets that accentuate the hips.
• Skinny trousers and jeans that accentuate the fullness of the hips.
• Pencil skirts that cling to curves highlighting the disproportionate shape between the top and bottom.
• Ankle straps and ‘t’ bars on shoes that make the ankles and legs look wider.
• Shiny fabrics and sequins below the waistline that add inches instantly.
• Flimsy fabric worked in fitted shapes that show every lump and bump.
• Bulky fabrics that won’t flow with curves. 

                                                                Clothing style that a Pear should avoid.