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A "V" shape weave resembling the skeleton of a herring fish.

Hotcrossed Hair

Heart Sunglass

 Halter Neckline

Sleeveless garment with the front of the neck extending to the back by a band.
Emma Watson

Hand Warmer

Double layer patch pocket with one layer opening from the top with other layer opening from the side allowing the hands to be held inside.


Very full pants with gathered at waist and ankle.


Homburg is a formal felt hat characterised by a single dent running down the center of the crown a stiff brim shaped in a kettle curl and a bound edge trim.


A women's large shoulder bag with flexible body which forms a characteristic curve between two ends of the strap.


Its a cap with a visor with a fabric extending from the back edge of the cap to the base of the neck.


Also called crinoline, it is an stiff structure undergarment/petticoat used to hold a full skirt.

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2013


It is refereed to as interwoven yarns of mixed color producing flex of an alternate color.


A towering cone or a heart shaped hat which was often adorned with a veil.


A woven check pattern that originated in scotland in 1900's.It made of alternating band of dark and light thread.

Ferragamo Houndstoot Dress

Handkerchief Skirt

It is created from fabric panels of different length sewn together to create a hem with several corners that hang down as points.Its features as asymmetric hem.
Prabal Gurung Spring 2012

The High Fashion Hair Tuck

An effortless fashion meets beauty hack that involves tucking your hair inside neckline of the sweater or jacket commonly pulled off with a turtle neck. Its also know as turtleneck tuck.

Hobble Skirt

A  style of skirt with verynarrow hem so as to impede walking.Popular in 1910.

Horseshoe Neckline

Low rounded curved neckline, Shaped like a horseshoe in front. 

Hourglass Shape

Dress silhouette with narrow waist that mimics the form of an hourglass


Heritage dressing refers to as more austere style of outfit. Tweed skirt, Wool coats or knit sweater.


Soft light weight plain weave silk usually referred to as china silk.  

Hot Tranny Mess

Something that is very couture or very trashy. 


It is that one thing that will transform an outfit from zero to hero. May be a clutch or a scarf. 


The lower edge of the part of the garment that has been finished off with some type of sewing to cover the raw edge.


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