Monday, February 3, 2014

70s Fashion Trends, Back?

A glance back at the fashion trends of the 70s might have some shaking their heads, but those who lived through the decade thought that what they put on each morning was pretty darn cool!

Bell Bottom Trousers
No 70s trend was more iconic than bell bottoms, though the fad actually started in the late 60s. Any kind of pants could be bell bottomed, from jeans to dress slacks.Compared to today’s flared pants, these had bottoms that were much wider, sometimes immensely wide. (Those were called “elephant” pants.)
Varying Skirt Lengths
In the early 1970s, the mini skirt was still popular, but by the middle of the decade, three lengths of skirt were available. While minis were still a favorite, designers also introduced the midi – which reached down to somewhere between the knee and the ankle.
And to add another dimension, women could also purchase maxi skirts, which extended down to the ankles or floor. Which you chose generally depended on your personality or, in some cases, the formality of the occasion.
The midi really didn’t have a lot of fans then but its coming back huge this season and its here to stay.
Platform Shoes
No doubt the most outrageous fashion trend of the 70s, platform shoes were wild and crazy. Made of a variety of materials – from plastic to wood and everything in between - and available in a diverse selection of styles, these shoes with the huge soles and heels were popular with both sexes and were usually worn with other disco era favorites.
Also popular during the disco era, the jumpsuit – a one-piece garment that combined shirt and pants – was all the rage in the late 70s.
Available for both men and women, the jumpsuits were often fashioned of a shiny lamé fabric and adorned with a wide belt. It seemed as if the motto for jumpsuits was “the tighter, the better” and not everyone looked good in them, though that didn’t stop some people from wearing them.

Kim kardashian 70's style

Rachel Zoe 70's style.

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