Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Lantern  Sleeves:

The lantern sleeve is a full, gathered sleeve attached to a drop-shouldered garment.The cuff balloons out between the cuff and the elbow.

It is a leather shoe, shaped like a moccasin with a low flat heel .Loafer has no lace and are also known as open shoes or slip ons.

Leg of Mutton Sleeves

A sleeve which is full on the upper arm but close fitting on the forearm and the wrist.

Layered sleeves

Sleeves made of different layers.It can be either a short or a long sleeves.


Facing of the front of garment which folds back to show.Also know as revers.

Bulky V neck cardigan, Shawl Collar cardigan or sweater pullover which with school emblem or letter on the left front chest.


Flat metallic fabric usually gold or silver

Vegan faux leather made from natural or synthetic fibers.

Lobster claw claps

Lotus shoes
Lotus shoes were small , ornately embroidered worn by Chinese women with bound feet.

Louis Heel
Crafted for 5 foot 3  Louis X IV, Frances "Sun King"in-order to make him look taller. These unisex hourglass heels were flamboyantly decorated to indicate ones privilege.

Lettuce Hem
The result of fabric being stretched as it is sewn resulting in a wavy hemline

This is is a chic new street style trend that simply meets an oversize top with boots or sneakers hiding any evidence of wearing a bottom

Lust Have
A fashionable piece that is instantly covetable and must be bought asap.

 A glittering metallic fabric that was used to make catwomen suit of 1960 batman series. The thread that is used to make this fabric is crafted from thinly sliced film that has been coated in aluminum and is trademark with the name lurex.

Used to describe something or someone who is not cool or acceptable.

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