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A close fitting sunglass with side shields for protecting the eye from dust,glare, water etc.There are many kinds of googles. Safety googles,swim googles,mountain googles,ski googles etc.

Gathered Neck

Full neckline drawn close to the neck. May be adjusted or gathered with a drawstring, elastic or cord.
Douglas Hannant Fall-Winter 2013-2014 RTW

Gored Skirts

Skirts with vertical seam lines. MOst designs are fitted at the waist and flares towards the hem. Skirt may be 4, 6 or 8 gored.
Michael Kors Fall 2015 RTW

Gathered Skirt

Skirt cut of straight piece of fabric gathered at the waistline. Also known as dirndl, full skirt or bouffant. A full variation supported with crinoline or circular wire is called a hoop skirt.

Godet Skirt

A triangular piece set into a skirts gore seam to given added fullness, flare to the hem.

Granny Skirt

Full length gathered skirt usually with ruffle at hem. Variation called prairie skirt which can be any length with one or two ruffle at hem.


It is a strappy open type footwear. Either in heels or in flats.


A type of braid that has a heavy central core covered by more decorative outer layer of the fiber that is arrange in to a design on the surface the garment.


Also know as picnic plaid. It is a lightweight cotton fabric usually in two or more color.
Osar De Le Renta Resort 13 


Metal lined eyelet used in shoes or some nautically inspired design.
Paco Rabanne Grommet Shift Dress 

Glen plaid

Checks of all sizes, atleast one small and one big.

Gun Flap

A flap of fabric added to the right shoulder of a jacket or coat as a way of reinforcing it against the butt of a rifle.Its still found in traditional Trench coat.
Burberry Gun Flap Trench


A corded fabric with a large rib. Commonly used as ribbon to accent garment or accessories.


A piece of fabric that is usually worn over the shoe extending to the ankle or the knee.


Firm hard finish durable fabric such as wool or rayon twilled with diagonal ribs on the right side used commonly in suits.


Lightweight silk organza with a plain weave.
Oscar de la Renta


Sheer lightweight fabric with crepe surface.

Guipure Lace

A coarse large pattern lace held together with mesh or connecting threads.


The words comes from a fusion of "gray" and "outfit". The looks usually gray and monochrome from head to toe.


Small piece of diamond shaped fabric which is usually sewn in crotch area or underarm of a garment to provided additional width and stretch in these areas and are less likely to tear.

Gauntlet Cuff

Also called Cavalier cuff.It is a wide turn back cuff that flares wide at the arm and taper at the wrist.


Wealthy famous glamourous people who attends fashionable events.

Granny Chic

Fashion inspired by granny from cozy blanket style cardigans to traditional yet chic tweeds. 


Fine transparent plain weave fabric with open texture.

Glow Up

To move up in the world to improve.

Grey Goods

Industry jargon referring to textiles that have not been dyed or finished.

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