Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Do and Don't while going for a hair cut

Whenever you go to your hair stylist wear something which represent your personal style. If you arrive looking sloppy the stylist may assume that you are not very particular about your appearance and in return he/she wont be very particular about your hair. I am sure lot of women would understand what I mean;-).

I live by all these rules.


Bring in photos of hairstyles you want. Come prepared to show how you want it. Its a smart phone world. Couple of styles in the picture gallery wont hurt:-)

Try to schedule an appointment on  a weekday(Not possible for working ladies I know) but if you could work around a bit and make it happen extra points for that. Weekend are generally crowded so it may distract the stylist, no matter what he/she may tell you.

Play around with your hair once you are done. You have all chances to correct it if something is not right or according to you while at the salon.


Don't wear a shirt or a turtle neck. This obstructs your jawline which will alter the end effect of the cut.

Don't forget to tip. You will be surprised at the extra attention you get in your next visit.

If you have any question or doubts speak up, don't hold it. You wont regret it later.

Hope it helps you:-)).. Happy Salon/Me time.