Sunday, February 2, 2014

Prints on Prints

Mixing your prints (like mixing your drinks) can be dangerous and overwhelming. Now, one can go terribly wrong with this, but heck it’s 2014,  the year to take major fashion risks! So it’s time to shed those inhibitions and show your true colors------------ prints!

It’s as easy as it looks! However, you might want to keep in mind some ground rules, if you’d like to play safe, that is:
1)Color palette:
Juxtapose similar color tones together to create a vibrant mash up of prints that does not look too discontinuous to the eyes. For example, warm color toes such as yellow, red, orange, brown look better when mixed with each other and cooler tones such as pink, blue, silver, purple look best when paired together.
The idea is to create clashing patterns but make sure the two or three prints in your ensemble have atleast one common color.

2) Types of prints:
Pit graphic prints against soft and feminine prints to create a contrast- For example, striped top with a colorful, floral skirt works best. You could even try a soft polka dotted top with fluid, asymmetric shapes and lines.
 Remember: The smaller the print or pattern, the easier it is to mix! So keep that in mind if you’re looking for the easy way out.
3) Accessories:
Since there’s so much going on with different types of prints, pair your juxtaposed prints with accessories in solid hues, in order not to look overwhelming. Keep the accessories minimal and let the prints do all the talking!

Go ahead, be bold, be confident ans stay stylish !!