Thursday, July 11, 2013


As the monsoon sales begins I am sure everyone is hitting the malls and going crazy..I am no exception ;-)... So to make sure you have a wonderful shopping experience I have listed done some tips on how to dress while you go shopping so that you feel good and confident and never get tired walking around.

Tips & Tricks on how to dress for shopping:

The basics: Go basic on the clothes, if you wear all your fancy ones to shopping you wouldn’t have your heart on anything better, coz you are wearing the best already. Wear simple and subtle clothes, which absorb sweat and keep one cool.


It’s essential to carry a big bag, where you can stuff in all that you have shopped without having to carry a lot.


Hair should be nicely done up in a ponytail or a bun. Hair should be nicely washed and put together to look presentable, to have an actual idea of each garment with the hair put down.

Shades & watch:

Make sure to carry along a pair of shades to protect you from the sun and a wrist watch to help you keep the track of time.


It’s a great idea, to put some make-up on to get an idea of the entire look once you try something on, otherwise the prettiest thing on a shabby you will not stand out the way it would otherwise.


It’s essential to wear a great perfume and carry one along too. You might perspire a lot while spending your energy shopping, and you’ll feel great about yourself if you smell nice.

Umbrella : 

Always,  its a must coz in Mumbai you can never be sure of the rains..


  • Make sure you are well-covered according to the venue for shopping. Wear more covered clothes if shopping at a flea, to avoid sun tan and wear whatever you like to look classy for mall shopping. Dressing for the correct destination is a major factor to be kept in mind.
  • A great idea is to wear a tube top, tank-top or an inner while going shopping. It makes you more comfortable when trying out transparent, translucent clothes or clothes with a deep neck.
  • If going to buy shoes, make sure you where flip-flops or easy slip-ons so that you can try any number of pairs at many showrooms, without having the hassle of putting on and off your shoes. Also, avoid wearing socks, but if sports shoes are something you have to pick, carry a pair of socks with you.
  • Wear less clothing, as the many times that we go to the trials we spend a lot of time to get rid of the outfit baggage and the process is tedious.
  • Wear something easy to slip on and of, as that will save time and trouble.
  • Another point of utmost importance is to wear the right kind of lingerie for proper show and fits and tops and bottoms.
  • The staple for shopping is jeans or shorts and a great tee and works as a classic.
  • If you’ve got a fetish for belts, wear one or carry one along just incase you need to try it with something.


  • Heels are a strict no-no. Avoid heels, as they look glamorous but are definitely not the perfect choice for shopping.
  • Never step out for shopping in a bad hair day. It will spoil your experience and make you feel under-confident and filthy.
Hope these tips helps you in your shopping trip.Enjoy... XOXO.