Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Hello to all the lovely people out there...

Sharing some of the statement neckpieces which caught my attention this year. From spike to neon to stones and chains..Everything.. 

Have a look. Enjoy!!
 Wear this with a round neck..
 The lion head spike for the strong, rock look! Goes with round as well as V neck.
  Rock salt neck piece, pair it with a classy dress to complete the look.

 The leaf necklace with a buttoned shirt or dennim for the day look.
The choker necklace with a shirt or a dress again.

 Neon rope again for bright sunny days!

 The spike stud necklace for the chic look

Neon Spike one of my favorite goes with anything and everything!

Let me know if there is anything or if you are interested in any of these. I shall help you out. Shall post lots of pics with the neckpieces above.. Stay tuned..and STAY STYLIST!

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Harold Evans